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Zhengzhou Haomei is a professional manufacturer and supplier of aluminum products, beef cook in stove with aluminum foil, involving aluminum 1000 series, 2000 series, 3000 series, 4000 series, 5000 series, 6000 series, 7000 series and 8000 series. Our aluminum materials are widely used in packaging & container, building & construction, transportation, electronics & appliances, durable goods and machine & equipment.

beef cook in stove with aluminum foil, Zhengzhou Haomei has 1+4 hot tandem rolling line, 7 continuous casting lines, 4 cold mills, 4 foil mills, 3 tension levelers, 2 hydrophilic coating lines, 2 anodizing/embossing lines, 2 lubrication lines, 2 HERKULES grinders, over 20 annealing furnaces and other auxiliary equipment. All mills are equipped with AFC system from Siemens in Germany and AGC system from Honeywell in America. Henan Haomei has total annual production capacity of 200,000 metric ton aluminum foil, coil, sheet, plate and circle.

We have exported aluminum to United States, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Algeria more than 40 countries.

If you need beef cook in stove with aluminum foil, please don't hesitate to contact us, we are ready to help you anytime!

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Aluminum Markets

We are moving into a low carbon economy. New business models, IT innovation, decentralized governance, and energy efficiency are some of the key words that are re-defining our societies. Aluminium is playing a fundamental role to drive this transformation. Aluminium has a broad range of unique properties that contributes to build a new society based on low carbon products, lighter cars, energy efficient-buildings and recycling.

Today, aluminium is the second most widely used metal in the world. This is because aluminium has a unique combination of attractive properties and effects that can be summarized as follows:

※ Low weight

※ High strength

※ Superior malleability

※ Easy machining

※ Excellent corrosion resistance

※ Easy to mill, drill, cut, punch, bend, weld, bond, tape.

Corrosion free and durable: Aluminium develops a natural oxide layer, protecting it against corrosion and making it virtually maintenance free. This makes aluminium the ideal material for packaging, building and vehicles and transport.

Light yet strong: Despite its relatively low weight, aluminium has a remarkable strength to weight ratio. As an alloy, aluminium offers similar performance to advanced steels and titanium.

Energy saving: Aluminium’s unique properties allow for significant energy savings in many applications; for example in vehicles and buildings. In addition, recycled aluminium is highly energy efficient, using only 5% of the energy of primary production.

High versatility: Aluminium is not only light; it has a low melting point and is highly ductile. This makes it easy to work with, shape and join adding to its versatility.

Total barrier: Aluminium can be rolled extremely thinly – less than 100th of a millimetre – while remaining completely impermeable to light, odour and contamination. This makes it the ideal material for packing food, pharmaceuticals and other sensitive products.

beef cook in stove with aluminum foil, Zhengzhou Haomei always offer our customers best service with our professional and experience both on product and shipping services.