Welcome to the Cyalo’s Bull Terriers website.


We are Nicky & Karel and we live in Itegem, Belgium.

I’ve been crazy about Bull Terriers ever since I was a child, and it didn’t cost me much effort to pass this on to Karel.


In 2008, I graduated as a veterinary assistent. Because Karel and I both love animals with all our hearts and we couldn’t live without, I decided to take on a partime nightjob. In this way, all of our animals will get all the attention, care and love that they need.


Breeding has been a dream of mine since I was about 13 years old. In 2010 the decission was made and I applied for a kennel. The name “Cyalo’s” comes from the first two letters of my dogs names; Cisse, Jack & Loesje.


Due to personal bad experiences I’ve had in the past with a pup, I’m very strict on health testing my animals. They all get a Doppler (heart) exam, they are BAER (hearing) tested, tested on PKD and each 6 months their patella (knee) and UPC (kidney’s) are tested.


All of my dogs live together in a group, except during feeding, sleeping or when nobody is at home. We spend a lot of time outside because I feel it’s important they have enough excercise.
They aren’t “just dogs” for me, they really are a part of the family and I will do everything I can to make their lives as good & pleasant as possible.



We hope you enjoy your visit!




Email: nicky.desgain23@telenet.be

Cyalo's Bull Terriers